Website Development Norfolk | Using Local Search

Looking for Website Development Norfolk? Hadlow Studios could be the agency for you. Our team is made up of experts in both website design and local search. Confused by ranking your website on Google? Let Hadlow Studios guide you to Google domination.

What is Local Search?

Quite simply, Local Search is a term used to describe a search term that is geographical. If you were searching for funny images of cats, you wouldn’t need to know where they were. However, if you were looking for a plumber, in say Norwich, you would probably search Plumber Norwich. This then comes under a different type of search, called Local Search.

You will quickly spot the difference, as Google will display a Map in the listings section.

Although the site may be optimised for Google Search, it doesn’t mean it will appear in the Local Search section. Which fill the top 3 spot, effectively making a Rank 1 website, Rank 4.

Luckily for you, it’s quite easy to rank your site here with the correct tools and knowledge.

Website Development Norfolk

Hadlow Studios prides itself on the fact that all of the sites it launches comes with these tools as standard. Now more than ever, the team is fully equipped to help you with any ideas or websites you have in mind.

Why? Our team has recently grown to take on both a Search Engine Optimisation Expert, who used to work for the likes of Expedia and TripAdvisor. As well as taking on a team member with skills in both Web Application and Mobile App Development.

Our company also has strong links to Marketing Agencies, Social Media Agencies and more, to help get your new or existing business the additional exposure it needs. Don’t miss our 2017 offer of a free consultation.

Call Hadlow Studio’s team leader on 07933482427 or email on for more information on how you can book your appointment. Alternatively you can fill out our contact form here

That BIG idea could be a Web Application

Always had that BIG idea that you thought; “You know what, this could really change the world and make me some serious money”. Well that idea could be a web application and we are the people to help turn that idea into a reality.

Worried about the cost of development?

That’s where our fair pricing strategy comes in. Our team of experienced engineers are just everyday people really, well most of them are, and they are always excited to start a new project.

Being a small team of developers that love what they do, we are always willing to rejig the payment strategies if it means keeping them occupied for a few weeks!

We like to think that we offer some of the fairest prices in the area when it comes to bespoke web application development, mobile app development or standard web design.

Will we steal your idea? NO!

We work under strict Non-Disclosure Agreements meaning that every conversation we have with a prospective client is confidential. Giving you the peace of mind when revealing your big idea to us over a cup of tea, coffee, hot chocolate, coke, orange juice or cucumber water (YUCK!).

Read about the importance of NDA’s here

About Hadlow Studios

The brain child of two degree students, Hadlow Studios started out as a web development studio for “in-house” projects.

After people in the local area discovered what we did through various networking events, we were soon being inundated with people looking to develop a web app for themselves.

Being the kind-hearted people that they are, and seeing how important these web app ideas were to the companies, they agreed to help; making peoples dreams come true!

Check out just HOW our systems are making businesses run better across the country

Although still classed as a start-up, Hadlow Studios is now developing a number of projects for several clients across the country. Keep up to date with latest developments by subscribing to our newsletter or by watching our blog for updates.

Interested in one of our services?

Looking to develop a website, mobile application, web application or any other web related service?

Get in touch, if we can’t help you out one of our partner companies sure will be able to! Think of us not only as the one stop shop for web application development, but also your gateway to other digital companies in the local area. All of which have the same drive, determination and excellent quality as us.

Web Application Development | Businesses in Partnership

As a start-up Hadlow Studios has come into a competitive market, but to our surprise there have been plenty of companies out their willing to help us out.

Getting us closer to our aim of being the web application developer of choice in King’s Lynn and surrounding areas.

One such company that we would like to say a big thank you to is King’s Lynn Website Design. The No.1 Website Design Studio in King’s Lynn run for the last 5 years by Rob Mason.

About King’s Lynn Website Design

Set up in 2011, King’s Lynn Website Design has designed, launched and manages nearly 700 websites of small, medium and enterprise level businesses.

What we think has made KLWD so successful is their ability to offer great quality products and services at affordable prices for local businesses.

With a small team of developers, Rob still has a close connection to each of his clients, offering them a truly personalised experience each time. A few of their services include;

  • Website Design
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • Hosting & Email
  • Photography

If your local to King’s Lynn, nearly every business you speak to will have used King’s Lynn Website Design in some way over the years.

Click here to check out their full website and list of services.

Partnerships in action

King’s Lynn Website Design is a great partnership company for ourselves as their offering is a similar sector to ours.

A client may go in to KLWD thinking what they need for their business is a website, but come out discovering that they really need a web application.

Our team likes to think that we have a similar mentality to King’s Lynn Website Design, affordable web application development, idea for small, medium or enterprise businesses.

Anyone who comes to us can take advantage of our free consultation offering, which enables both the client and ourselves to get the best understanding of the proposed project.

After your first consultation, we will prepare a no obligation quote and basic design specification.

All of our web applications are built bespoke to our customers so you will not find any reused plugins, templates or utilities inside any of our projects.

Thanks to this incredible support, we now have a number of clients who we are working with in the local area, as well as some not so local, as far afield as Nottingham.

We pride ourselves on our customer experience and providing each one the same impeccable experience which is why we make frequent trips to keep them up to date with our progress.

Single Page Web Application vs. Multi-Page Web Application

Single Page Web Application vs. Multi Page Web Application

Over the years web applications have stolen the spotlight in terms of business software solutions, moving away from traditional desktop applications.

Now a development agency hundreds of miles away, or even just down the road, can make an update that is rolled out across every user without the need to download or manually update a desktop client locally.

A web application, available through various devices has the same amount of power and features as the most advanced desktop application.

Able to run on even the lowest spec machine, web applications are King in the business world.

More than ever this is a great way of ensuring that all parties are running the same version of the system for both compatibility and security reasons.

But even web applications technologies are developing to increase their efficiency and speed.

Developing an application from scratch now requires the following question; Multi-Page Application (MPA) or Single-Page Application (SPA)?

Single Page Applications

Before you get worried, a SPA does not mean an application with a single page of functions, thus limiting what is available from the application.

Instead it means that the entire application will work inside a single template and does not require a page refresh in order to get new or updated information.

Examples of this can be found in Gmail, Google Maps, Facebook or pretty much any web application released and developed over the last few years.

Single page web applications are considered to offer the best user experience as there is no time wasted waiting for pages to load when moving around the application.

They also allow for asynchronous updates, allowing one user to make changes that appear instantly on another user’s screen, without a page refresh.

How is this possible? Single page web applications use the browser to render pages whilst requesting the page mark-up and data independently of each other using JavaScript; the most advanced web language.

This process is made even easier thanks to frameworks that advance our ability to develop and further its core functionality.

Single Page Web Application Development at Hadlow Studios

Our team of developers tends to use the SPA model when developing small to medium sized web applications, although we leave the final decision up to our clients.

We especially advice that a client chooses to go with a single page web application when they are also after a mobile application, simply because we have an excellent starting point for development.

Out Top 4 Reasons to choose SPA

  1. SPA is SUPER Fast, once the app is initially loaded on a device, it will run without reloading throughout the lifespan of the application. The only thing being connected to the server is small data packets.
  2. Can be cached and stored locally, allowing for a client to store some of the information securely in their device. Giving a mobile app the ability to continue working, even offline.
  3. A great starting point for mobile application development.
  4. Easy to debug and fix issues through a range of tools, plus SPA’s really do streamline and simplify the overall development process. Savings that we can pass onto our clients.

Interested in developing a web application? Have a BIG idea but don’t know how to execute it? Come and have a chat with a member of our team, we offer a Free First Consultation with tea, coffee and cake (if there is any left!).