Improve your business performance

Web Applications improve business performance

Whether your business would benefit from more effective lead management, faster rostering tools or automated systems that do it all for you. Hadlow Studios is here to help improve your business performance. We have spent countless hours working with our clients to help them increase their business performance through innovative tools.

It could be something simple;

  • Automated Email – Tired of having to manually send out reminder or notification emails? Why not create a system that sends a default template out to all customers, customised to their name and the service you provided them?
  • SMS Notifications – Keep on top of your staff whilst they are out and about, send out group texts from your desktop computer, without the need to fiddle about with your personal handset.
  • Quote/Lead Reminders – Store and manage important information regarding new and existing customers in a secure and accessible way. Receive reminders of tasks that need to be completed, and never again lose that bit of paper with important customer details on.

These “Simple” tools have saved and made our clients thousands of pounds over the course of just a few months. By being able to actively manage and communicate with their customers they can provide a far better service that leads to more custom both return and new. These are just a few ways in which we can help your business performance.

Being a small-town word can spread quickly, but let it spread even quicker with one of our bespoke Notification tools!

Sit down with a member of our team today and improve business performance tomorrow

Want to discuss ways we can make your business perform better and therefore make it more profitable? Book an appointment with one of our staff members at Hadlow Studios.

Each one of them is just as innovative as the next, give them a rundown of your business and how it currently works. Then just sit back with a cup of tea and watch as their creative brains kick into action.

They will outline a list of potential solutions and tools for your business, some totally whacky, some not so, and you can choose those that best suit your needs.

Like a couple of the ideas outlined? Let us build it into a suite of tools for you!

Many people have made the move, Have you?

According to around 71% of small business owners in the UK already rely on mobile or web applications to run their operations, eliminate admin tasks and grow their business.

‘Applications are transforming the way small businesses operate in the UK, but choosing the right technologies for their needs is crucial. Business owners must start with identifying their biggest challenges, whether that’s controlling costs or finding good employees, and look for apps that seamlessly integrate to get the most value from their investments.’

Are you one of these companies? If not, why not? Why outsource your book-keeping, business management or payroll management when you could do it yourself or automatically using your own in-house systems?

Normally when we ask business owners this the first thing they say is; “It’s cheaper than developing our own application”. But is it?

Some of our most innovative customers have not only developed an application through us for their own business, but they have gone on to re-sell their production to other companies in the same sector as well.

Since then they have earnt the same amount as the development cost and more, as well as making their own business more efficient in the process.

Train your staff on your Web Applications

Another thing to take into consideration when developing a mobile application or web application is that you will need to train your staff and yourself how to effectively use it. After all you could have the most powerful tool in the world at your disposal, but if you don’t know how to even turn it on, it’s pointless.

We provide a user guide which has been checked by a proof reader to ensure the wording is not to technical, as standard to all of our customers, whilst also offering training days in the King’s Lynn Innovation Centre or in your own offices as an additional service.

The more your staff know about the new system, the more effectively they will be able to use it and improve your business performance in a huge way.

App Development King’s Lynn

Our offices and team is located in the historic Norfolk market town of King’s Lynn; we offer our services to both local and not so local clients.

Whether it’s a free consultation in our offices you are after, or a visit to your offices, we will always try to facilitate a visit no matter how far away you are. Let us find ways to improve your business performance today.